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Ekaterinburg – the city on the Trans-Siberian Railway

1)   The Transsib is the longest railway on Earth. Beginning in Moscow and ending in Vladivostok, it is the most important axle, the main blood vessel of Russia, which still has an extreme economical ant strategic importance.
2)   Ekaterinburg (also known as Yekaterinburg) is the third largest Russian, administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region and the capital of the Urals.

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3)   Ekaterinburg can easily be found on a geographical map of the vast Euro-Asian Continent: it is in the middle of the Ural Mountains, which separate Europe and Asia. The Europe-Asia Obelisk that is about 25 miles (40 km) west of the city, marking the border between the two continents, is an especially interesting place to visit. Thus, Ekaterinburg lies at the crossroad of 2 continents and this determines its political, economic and cultural peculiarities. You will be able to feel the smooth and floating transition between Europe and Asia.
4)   Ekaterinburg is more then 280 years old. Originally established by the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, as a major industrial and administrative center and it has remained so for nearly three centuries. Ekaterinburg is known as the city where Bolsheviks killed the last Russian tsar, Nicolai II, and his family in 1918.
5)   Ekaterinburg has a unique mixture of different architectural, historical and cultural rarities, which may never be repeated. More than 60 monuments of history and culture are located in the city, and 43 of them are considered to be national monuments, because of their special significance. That is why Ekaterinburg can claim the formal status as 'Russia's most historical city'.
6)   There are more 30 museums in Ekaterinburg, which exhibit the unique works of art, historical and cultural evidences and each of them is interesting in its own way. Among them the Ural Geological Museum and Museum of the History of Juweller and lapidary Arts, Sverdlovsk Regional Local Lore Museum and Ekaterinburg Arts Museum and others.
7)   The Ekaterinburg - new city on the map of Transsib and we are glad to offer you different our programs all year round. It is real possibility to get acquainted with the side of Russia and leave the bustling and ever hurrying cities of Moscow and St Petersburg behind you.


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