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The Largest Russian Fair of Minerals and Traditional Russian Jewelry and Lapidary Arts

If you are in Ekaterinburg, you have to visit this monthly event !
For you it is a unique opportunity to see simultaneously in one place the handicrafts of modern jewelers from ALL RUSSIA!

In 1990 for the first time in Russia, in our city, under the initiative of employees of the Ural State Mining - Geological Academy, the exhibition – a fair of minerals and jeweler – lapidary handicrafts was staged. Since 1993 the firm “Mineral–Show”, headed the organization of this exhibition.
During the 10 years it became the association of collectors of minerals, masters of lapidary, jewelers, professional geologists and admirers of minerals. Traditionally it includes jewelry from natural semi-precious stones, collection samples of minerals, lapidary handicrafts, costume jewellery and people’s handicrafts of the Ural region and Russia. Here handicrafts from the general public are also on display. Visitors can always receive professional advice and detailed information regarding interesting questions from the masters who participate – approximately 200 and not just “Uralian” masters - but from other regions of Russia and abroad.

At the exhibition - fair you can buy jewelry and lapidary handicrafts from such natural stones as: charoit, rhodonite, smoky quartz, topaz, chrysolite, malachite and others.
It is possibility to see UNIQUE mineralogical samples of minerals from all over Russia and buy some samples for your own collection (for example: quartz from the pre-polar Urals - deposits Puiva and Dodo).

thematic pavilions are included in the program!

In the pavilion, “Visiting of the Master Danila” (named after the hero of P.Bazhov’s fairy-tales) it is possible to see the process of working of natural stones and making handicrafts from them.
You can also face a natural semiprecious stone under the direct guidance of a master and preserve it for memory!
“The Garnet mine” – a pavilion, in which it is possible to pan out the famous semi-precious stone of the Urals - grass green garnet (dermatoid), from a special pool. Any garnets you may pan out – you can keep with your treasures!
Petrography Show “Travel Deep into the Stone” where you will learn about ancient fossils - unique samples from the collection of the Ural Geological Museum.
You can see what “the stone universe” hides from view, by the use of a professional microscope.
The photo exhibition: “Many-sided Urals”, an exposition of photos of the Urals’ nature, from a collection of “Ural Expeditions and Tours”.
A stamp exhibition, dedicated to geology and mineralogy from a private collection.

Also in the Program:
Exhibition of a collection of mineralogical samples from private and museum collections.
Exposition of samples of minerals, jeweler and lapidary handicrafts.
Watch jewelers at work – cutting, shaping and polishing semi precious gems.
Consultation with master jewelers – valuations and appraisals of your private treasures.
Display, featuring handicrafts from the Urals and other parts of Russia.
Exhibition of specialized geological literature.
Speciments of meteorites

After the visiting of the exhibition – fair, we are glad to offer some excursions for you:

1. The Ural Geological Museum
The Ural Geology Museum was founded in 1937 as an exhibition of mineral treasures of the Urals organized for the 17th session of the International Geological Congress. In 1938 it was transferred to the Ural Geological Institute.
Nowadays the museum is the state “treasure-house” of the Urals and the cultural centre carrying out large tutorial, scientific and educational work. Its main aim is accumulation, investigation, systematization of rocks and minerals of the Ural region and their preservation for the next generations. In the museum are more than 40 thousand exhibits (rocks, minerals, crystals, fossils and others), reflecting the mineral riches and geology of the Urals.
It is housed in a four-story building not far from the city centre.
The exposition of the museum is subdivided conveniently into 4 main departments:
Crystallography and Mineralogy
General and Historical Geology
Petrography and Lithology

2. Museum of the History of Jeweler and Lapidary Arts.
It was founded in 1992 as a branch of study at the local lore museum of Sverdlovsk district.
It is located in one of the historical-architectural monuments of Ekaterinburg from the 19th century – a former factory drugstore.
The collections contained in the museum are based upon: handicrafts from the Ekaterinburg lapidary factory, modern jewelers and masters of lapidary and people’s private handicrafts from the Ural region.
The exposition is subdivided into several halls, among them: the hall of the Ekaterinburg lapidary factory, the malachite hall, the hall of the Uralian jasper, the hall of Russian jewelry from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, the hall of the history of gold and platinum industry, and also exhibitions of sacred monuments and modern jewelry from the Urals.

3. Ural Mineralogical Museum.
This - the first private Russian mineralogical museum was founded in the year 2000. In the museum is a unique collection of minerals (about 10 thousand samples) and handicrafts from stone and bone.  

Schedule of Exhibitions - fairs “Mineral–Show” for 2013:

May, 17-18 (Friday, Saturday)
June, 14-16 (Friday - Sunday)
July, 12-14 (Friday - Sunday)
August, 9-10 (Friday, Saturday)
September, 13-14 (Friday, Saturday)
October, 11-12 (Friday, Saturday)
November, 15-16 (Friday, Saturday)
December, 13-14 (Friday, Saturday)

Geological-mineralogical Tours – throughout the entire Urals!

For answers to all questions please contact us:
Phone/fax: +7 (343) 253-57-75; 310-30-21
E-mail: boss@mineral-show.ru  
WEB: http://www.mineral-show.ru

We hope you enjoy “exploring” the fascinating world of stones and minerals with us!


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